Alicia Leontieff

Alicia Leontieff

Alicia Leontieff

Owner & Chiropractor

Team Story

At age 12, Alicia injured her back after a fall from a great height. “My mum took me to see a chiropractor for help with my injury.” She has never forgotten this day nor the Chiropractor who helped her back to health. “After experiencing the relief first hand, I knew I wanted to do something similar with my life. Seeing what a difference she could make in other peoples lives impelled her to become a chiropractor.

Alicia trained at The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in 2002. This is where she met Wendy Davis.

“We thought in very similar ways about chiropractic and were great friends, so it was natural to set up a practice together.”

A Passion for Health

I like seeing people get well. I stay active and healthy by working out three times a week in the gym, along with regular chiropractic care. My husband, James, is an avid golfer, leaving me a ‘golf widow,’ which I cope with by going shopping, usually with Wendy!

My visit to the chiropractor made a really big impact and I realised this was what I wanted to do.

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