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About Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population experiencing it at some point in their lives.

Most people do not realise just how much they move their neck during the day until they find they are unable to do so.

Neck pain can arise from any of the structures in the neck such as nerve, bone, artery and/or soft tissue.

Symptoms can range from pain and stiffness in the neck to prickly/tingling sensations in the arms and fingers; with or without weakness, sharp, shooting pains radiating to the shoulder and/or shoulder blades, as well as tightness and dull aches.

Problems in the neck can also contribute to headaches, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) restricted range of motion, and lower back ache.

Our Approach to Neck Pain

Chiropractors can provide fast and effective relief from neck pain by performing a thorough consultation and examination to ascertain the source of the pain and decide upon the best care plan for you. By viewing the body as a whole, we aim to restore global function with adjustments, massage, stretches, and rehabilitative exercises.

We have helped many people resolve their neck pain. Come and see us and see if we can help resolve yours!

Call us for an Over The Phone Consultation

Call us for an Over The Phone Consultation

Neck Pain Causes

As the head is supported by the neck and upper back, these areas can commonly produce neck pains. Neck pain can be a result of:




Poor Posture


Disc Problems


Referred Pain








Nerve Irritations

Prescription Orthotics

to create a healthier more attractive posture

Fantastic dedicated team, who always make you feel welcomed. With Chiropractic, massage and the insoles I have made huge progress, have a lot more movement and am in less pain. Would highly recommend Bury Chiropractic. 

Kathy Kelly

Lovely clinic with the most amazing people! So grateful to be able to see first hand the work you do. As students, we have been truly inspired from the love and care you give to your guests. Thank you for having us & hopefully see you soon xx

Sadiya Attiq

Bury Chiropractic is great. Friendly team and amazing practitioners. They will really take care of you. Everyone is approachable and very helpful. Helping you get your health goals is their no 1 priority. Don't think, just go there!

Hemi Vadgama

A very friendly and professional practice which I have been attending for many years. Going for regular adjustments helps me keep the ageing years at bay, keep up the good work!!!

Barbara Crook

I want to give a big "THANK YOU" to the Bury Chiropractic team. Everyone has been so pleasant and helpful! My entire family are grateful for your care and attention! Thank you for getting my health back on tract and keeping my family healthy, happy and well!!!

Dani Morgan

I cannot thank the team at Bury Chiropractic enough! They have helped me feel like a new woman and the care plan was well worth the investment. It's an investment in my health and that's what I wanted. Very happy.

Angel Koonar Turner

What a great clinic! The whole team at Bury Chiropractic are brilliant, and i recommend seeing them wholeheartedly!! If in doubt please make an appointment and let them help you. The biggest obstacle to getting better is making that first appointment, so phone and get on with it!

Andy Green

When I first visited I was very down about the back pain I was suffering to the point where I was really tearful. Alicia made me feel that it was ok to cry and it didn’t feel silly. After 4 months of treatment I am better than ever.



Arrange a FREE Discovery Appointment


Arrange a FREE Discovery Appointment

First Time Visitors

Relief Care

Our first goal is to relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible. The severity of your condition will determine the length of this phase. Typically, the number of visits in this phase is frequent and can involve multiple visits to the centre each week.

Rehabilitative / strengthen and corrective phase

During this phase of care, the goal is to remove the root cause of your problem and to restore optimal function. This phase of care is also dependent upon the severity of the problem. The frequency of care can still be multiple visits per week, but unlikely to be as frequent as the relief phase of care.

Wellness Care

Once your body has had the chance to heal, we believe it is important to continue with wellness care by having periodic adjustments to help prevent future problems and enable your body to continue to function at its most optimal level. Your lifestyle, health goals and practitioner’s advice will determine the frequency of care for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my neck pain?

If the pain is neuro-musculo-skeletal in nature, cryotherapy (ice packs), stretches, and frequent breaks from prolonged sitting and computer use can help.

Will my neck pain go away?

Symptoms are your body‘s way of letting you know there is a problem. Symptoms can come and go but that does not mean the problem has been resolved. The earlier the cause of something is addressed, the better the long-term outcome.

Who should I see for neck pain/will Chiropractic help my neck pain?

You should think about seeing a chiropractor. We have had great results over the years in helping people ease their neck pain.

Why does neck pain occur?

Pain can occur for a variety of reasons: accidents and falls, poor posture, work, frequent laptop and tablet use, as well as inflammatory and systemic conditions. It can arise from bone, muscle, ligament, soft tissue or nervous structures. 

Can neck pain/neck problems cause problems elsewhere?

Yes! The nerve supply for the head, face, jaw, arm, shoulder and elbow originates from the neck. If a nerve becomes irritated in the neck or anywhere along their paths, such as into the arms and head, referred pain can result in these areas. This means there is a risk of pain in the head, jaw, lower back, and even in the elbow and shoulder.


Please contact us first before coming to the Centre to ensure that you fit within our criteria, to learn more about our Covid-19 safety precautions and to BOOK IN. We are excited to be able to welcome you back.