”I injured my back at work and was suffering from severe back pain. I visited my GP who prescribed pain relief and said he may refer me to see a Chiropractor in a few weeks if the problem did not improve. However, I was still in constant agony and still not fit to return to work after 3 weeks. A relative, who suffered similarly with his back in the past, recommended that I attend this practice, saying that the treatment was very effective. When I came here to start my course of treatment I was unsure of what to expect. I attended initially on a weekly basis and also followed the advice given to aid a speedy recovery. Within a few weeks my pain greatly reduced and thankfully disappeared. At present I am attending on a monthly basis for treatment, I still follow the advice and will hopefully avoid a re-occurrence in the future. I would highly recommend the treatment I have received and would not hesitate to pass the contact details to other fellow sufferers.”