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We offer FREE, no obligation health talks and posture/spinal checks at YOUR office.

The talks offer you a chance to learn about decreasing stress and pain whilst at work to enable you to perform your job to the best of your ability without compromising your health.

A spinal check, or screening, is where we discuss any health concerns you may be having and perform a cursory postural and spinal examination to determine whether Chiropractic care could be suitable for you.

The screening process (postural check), for which you would be fully clothed, only takes a few minutes and may involve you being asked to stand on a machine, affectionately known as SAM (Spinal Analysis Machine). This measures the difference in weight between the left and right sides of your body, whilst at the same time allowing us to analyse your posture.

The screenings include:

  • A health talk offering tips on improving your health and performance at work by providing advice on simple exercises, nutrition, and simple dos and don’ts.
  • A physical check-up.
  • Food and refreshments.

If you want to find out more, please email us on [provide address] or call (0161) 763 1700. We look forward to hearing from you.

If it turns out we cannot help you, we will do our utmost to refer you to the person who can.

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    Benefit 1

    Increased employee productivity & work concentration. Fewer employees off work claiming sickness

    Benefit 2

    Work perk, this service is FREE and at no charge to you and it creates Increased excitement and buzz in the work space for the day

    Benefit 3

    Thankful work force who appreciate that you care about their health state and morale boosted as workforce not complaining about aches and pains all the time 

    Benefit 4

    Stats show 87.6% reduced hospitalisations due to back ailments and work loss reduced by 75.5% (Italian government study 17000 patients) and Likelihood of surgery for workers with back injuries 42.7% when patients first point of contact is a surgeon/MD only 1.5% when first point of contact is a chiropractor (Spine journal 2013). 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a spinal screening?

    A spinal or health screening is a free, short appointment with one of our practitioners to assess your posture, and for you to have a chance to talk to our experts about your health concerns. This allows us to determine whether we could help you achieve your health goals.

    Do I have to undress for a spinal screen?

    No. You will be fully clothed.

    Can you come to my office and do a spinal screening?

    Yes. We can come to your place of work and provide talks and offer health screenings to help ensure that you can perform your job to the best of your ability.  Topics covered include nutrition, and simple exercises to help alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain, and tips on improving mobility. 

    Please call us on (0161)763 1700 to arrange a screening and/or talk at your place of work.

    Do you do spinal or health screenings in-house?

    Yes! You can come and check us out in our centre for a no-obligation health screen. Follow us on Facebook to discover when our next in-house event is.


    Please contact us first before coming to the Centre to ensure that you fit within our criteria, to learn more about our Covid-19 safety precautions and to BOOK IN. We are excited to be able to welcome you back.