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Team Story

I was born in Cyprus and from a young age I became very interested in the Sciences. I always knew that my future lay in this direction. You may not be aware but Chiropractic is not very well known in my home country, however Chiropractic really excited me – I wanted to help people to not only get truly well but to also gain back their quality of life and then to stay well. That’s why I decided to travel all the way to the South of Wales to study with the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. It was a long but enjoyable journey and in my final year my enthusiasm for Chiropractic and what Chiropractic care can achieve, developed massively after starting to adjust people and seeing their improvements / outcomes to care. So much so that I was very happy to receive my University’s final year award for Personal and Professional achievement. potential.

Why I Chose to Join Bury Chiropractic

I chose to join the Bury Chiropractic Centre Team as I loved the positive atmosphere and incredible motivation the team embodies when caring for people within its walls. The entire team are always smiling, being the best version of themselves so that they are at their best when caring for everyone here. I was really impressed by the team as a whole and I knew that being part of it would not only improve me professionally but personally as well. Outside of the centre, I enjoy an hour or more walking every day, watching movies and indulging my interests in many sports. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and starting your journey alongside me, here at Bury Chiropractic Centre.


Please contact us first before coming to the Centre to ensure that you fit within our criteria, to learn more about our Covid-19 safety precautions and to BOOK IN. We are excited to be able to welcome you back.