IDD Therapy – Could it Work For Me?

by Wendy on 9th January 2020

IDD Therapy Could it Work For Me | Bury Chiropractic

Do You Suffer With:

  • Herniated or Bulging Discs?
  • Sciatica or nerve pain?
  • Degenerative Disc Disease?
  • Facet Joint Syndrome?
  • Chronic back pain or neck pain?

If any of these problems are having a negative impact on your life, then IDD Therapy may be able to help you.

What is it?

IDD stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics, and is a trusted form of non-surgical decompression therapy. This is where pressure is taken away from injured or bulging discs, to enable healing. It can help to alleviate a variety of symptoms caused by a number of different conditions.

IDD therapy was developed in the USA and is now available in over 1,000 clinics worldwide, including Bury Chiropractic. Here, we provide specialist IDD therapy for spinal conditions where hands-on treatment on its own is not always enough to address the root cause of the problem. With gentle stretching, the aim is to get you moving again by targeting specific spinal discs, enabling your tight muscles and ligaments to function at their best, while providing long-term pain relief.

Is Decompression the Same as Traction?

In a word, no! Traction has been around since the 1970s and can involve the whole body being stretched from the feet upwards. Inversion tables, where patients would hang upside-down from their feet, were also very popular back in the 1980s. Spinal decompression is very different.

How Does it Work?

IDD therapy is a targeted treatment which relieves pressure on specific spinal discs and gently restores mobility. While the patient is lying down comfortably, gentle pulling forces are applied, helping to take pressure away from injured or bulging spinal discs, allowing them to heal. IDD therapy promotes the movement and absorption of fluids and nutrients back into the disc, which are essential for disc health. It also stretches stiff muscles and ligaments to improve mobility and flexibility, allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently.
Accu-SPINA® is the technology used for IDD Therapy. This state-of-the-art tool allows practitioners to directly target and treat the cause of pain for a wide variety of conditions effectively, painlessly and safely, with a success rate of over 91 percent (American Association of Neurological Surgeons).

You will lie comfortably on your back, whilst the horizontal mechanical table slowly moves underneath you, gently altering your body. The angle at which the machine is set allows for the targeting of specific spinal levels, and gentle, low-frequency movements (oscillations) help with the movement of fluids and nutrients back into the discs.

A Natural Alternative to Surgery

Our care takes a natural approach. After an initial assessment, we will produce a tailored care plan for you, which details the exact treatment you will need. We will tell you how often you’ll need to come in and see us, and for how long. We have helped countless people who were threatened with surgery, or who had been prescribed medication for the symptoms and told to “learn to live with it.” It’s an all-natural solution that has helped millions worldwide.

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